Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elephants And Pigskins

Howdy Folks & Kin!

On account of this here is a sort of a week-off for us NFL fans, I thought I'd pass along to y'all my thoughts on politics, being that this here is an election year. Lots of folks have written me askin' 'bout what I think 'bout them GOP candidates what are steppin' over each others' cracks tryin' to get in line to get walloped by President Obama come this November.

First of all y'all have to know that I ain't no tea-bagger and I ain't no republican. That's right. I'm a coffee drinker and I aim to stay that way. As of now, I'm plannin' on votin' for Obama on account he ain't gonna take away some of my kin's food stamps, like them republicans are a wantin' to do all the time to give them to their banker friends and Big Business lobbyists what don;t need none in the first place! That there makes me madder than a mule chewin' on bumblebees!

Ok, as of today, we got us the followin' sorry bunch of fellers: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Here's what I think 'bout then ne'er do wells.

Rick Santorum: I don't like that Rick Santorum none. It seems to me he's one of them bible-thumpin' corn-flake chewers. In fact, I ain't so sure, and don't go a quotin' me but I got an itchin' that Michelle Bachmann (what got her own campaign wrecked by a corndog) was really him in 'drag'. Know what I mean? I think y'all do.

Heck, I looked up that there feller's name on the internet, and what I came up with first on the Google was this:   Now, I don't know 'bout all y'all but no sir, I don't want me none of that stuff in the oval office!

Another problem I got with that there Rick Santorum is that he walks and talks like one of them bible thumpers. I reckon he ain't got no gumption in tellin' me that I is a heathen and am goin' to hell. Folks, who y'all vote for is your business, but I tell y'all what, I for one ain't gonna vote for no one what's gonna tell me to go to hell! I suggest y'all do the same!

Billy Romney
Mitt Romney: Ok, here we got us a Mormon. I reckon that's all what needs to be said 'bout that! Ok, I'm just joshin' a bit, but for many folsk that there is strike one. He's a rich feller, too, and most likely knows lots a of bankers, so that's strike two!

Strike 3? Well, I tell y'all what folks, I read somewhere what his real name is 'Billy' but he didn't like that name too much, so he asked his kindergarten teacher to call him "Mitt". I wouldn't vote for a candidate what gots issues with his own name! Would you? 

Newt Gingrich: I remember this cry-baby from back in them 80s ... or was it them 90s? Y'all remember back when Clinton was the president. This one likes to hoot n' holler and get his feathers all riled up and stuff. I also read that he likes spendin' time in zoos. 

Newt Gingrich / Jimmy Johnson
Now the truth is I think he's got him some fancy ideas about this that and whatnot, some of which may not be that bad. All in all though, he don't seem like a 'team' player which is what y'all got to be in Washington, especially if y'all want to get any real work done. It seems to me he's a wantin' to blow his horn a bit too much and in a way what's out of tune with what his party likes to hear.

I tell y'all what else: he reminds me of Jimmy Johnson what ditched our Fins way back when to go fishin'. Is that the kind of man y'all want to lead this country? I think not, and I am unanimous is my decision.

Mostly, I reckon he's just a cranky feller, and I wouldn't give my vote to no cranks! So that's all I have to say 'bout that. 

Ron Paul
Ron Paul: Here's a dodderin' old feller what's got some good ideas on the fixin' the economical regression. Other than that though, he ain't got a whole lot to say 'bout no nothin. He's one of them 'Libertarians' what think they know what our country's foundin' fathers had in mind when they wrote that there U.S. Constitution. 

I don't know, but that there Paul feller is older than Methuselah; maybe he was there in 1776, as I said, I don't know. What I do know is that regular folks don't seem to take a shine to him on account of he reminds them of their grand-pappys. So he's a like a snowball's chance of hell of winnin' the Pabst Blue Ribbon, so givin' him your vote is like throwin' a pumpkin pie down the outhouse hole.
Ok! Enough with politics! Let's talk us some football!

Superbowl Update: 

I still think them New England Patriots is a gonna beat them New York Giants into next season. Personally, I'm gonna root for them Giants and Eli Mannin' - but honestly folks, that's like rootin' for that there Ron Paul. Still, if them Giants can knock that there cheatin' Bill Belichick back to hell, that will be fine by me. Just don't bet the farm on it!

Miami Dolphins Update:

I sure am is excited by some of them coachin' fellers what are gettin' hired to lead our Fins to the Super Bowl! I sure am happy we're done with Dallas Cowboys' retreads and 'has beens'. Of course, general mangler Jeff Ireland is still yankin' some outhouse chains some ... but folks if he can land us a franchise QB sooner than yesterday, then I for one will be willing to shake the man's hand and let bygones be bygones. Time to move forward and kick us some butt.

I also know there's lots of defense talk 'bout changin' from the 3-4 to the 4-3 and uh 6 of one, half a dozen of them others. To me, it don't take mean much of hoo-ha what we do as long as our players know how to tackle, cover and strip that ball away from our opponents. This ain't rocket science, folks! It's how the game is one for all them 'elite' teams ... like we was way back when in them glory days.

A Pain In The Neck
As for our hunt for a franchise QB, I think them chips are still on the table. I ain't 100% sure 'bout Green Bay backup Matt Flynn. Of course, it would be great to see Peyton Manning suit as a Dolphin, but I just don't see him bein' the long term answer. Also, I know all about them pain in the necks on account of blowin' my harmonica too hard. I'm sorry to say that them sort of pains are not easily fixed. So what I'm sayin' folks is that I reckon Peyton Manning is a gonna need to hang his cleets up on the retirement line and get him a cushy job as a broadcaster. Sorry, hoss.

Matt Moore? Well, don't get all y'all's long-johns in a twist none, but I think he's someone to develop. I think he came on strong last season and done us all proud - and he did that without really gettin' a good off season under his belt on account of that blasted union lock out. Still, I got a feelin' that he ain't gonna pick up on Joe Philbin's new offense, too well. 

Needs to shine in practice
See, in practice and trainin' camps, he never really impressed them coaches enough to land him a startin' position. Maybe he's just more of 'let's get on the field and kick us some butt' type QB what don't like to learn playbooks and such. I don't know. What I do know is that head coach Joe Philbin is gonna make them players use them noggin's more off the field. I just don't think that's gonna sit well with Matt Moore. Now, I ain't sayin' he's one can short of a six-pack when it comes to brains - I'm just sayin' he needs to smarten up off the field and in practice - and show then new coaches what he's the best man for the job. If he ain't gonna compete, well then he oughsta find himself a seat on that there short bus what QB Chad Henne is gonna drive way from Joe Robbie Stadium, of whatever the heck it is it's called these day.

Draft day? Yes sir, lots of folks are surely and already goin' off 'bout them draft picks. I reckon y'all know that unless we trade up some, there's slim pickin's at QB. So don't be surprised none if we end up with another offensive lineman, That's what it is folks. 

Well, that's it for me! And now some words of wisdom, especially for them republican condiments: Ain't no one drowns by fallin' in the water. Y'all drown by stayin there!

All the best, - Judd Jugmonger

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