Friday, January 20, 2012

Champions And Chumps: NFL Championship Games 2012

Howdy Folks and Kin,

Well, here we are, a few days away from them NFL championship games. I sure was surprised them Green Bay cheese-heads didn't fare too well none and had to say fare well in the end. Then again, they was feelin' poorly and all, and just didn't bring their best game. That's pretty much all I have to say about that. It's a cryin' shame, but on any given Sunday, that's just the way them 'green cheese' cookies crumble. Meanwhile, here are my thoughts on them upcomin' games and whatnot..

AFC Championship Game:

First we got us them QB Joe Flacco the wacko and his Baltimore Ravens goin' up against them New England Patriots and QB Tom Brady. Heck folks, there ain't no brainer here,Tom Brady is gonna wallop him some them Baltimore birdies. And it ain't just Tom Brady them birdies have to worry 'bout, it's that their cheatin' coach Bill Belichick. OK, I tell y'all what I don't like him none, but I surely do respect his strategizin' and game plannin'. Heck, y'all have to give him credit for knowing how to ride them other teams hard and putting them away wet ... even if he is a no count cheater.

Anyway, I'd be surprised if anything get in them Pat's way this weekend, and if and when they go though to the big game, I'm gonna root against. Heck, for all y'all what like to root or bet on them underdogs, which in case would be them Ravens, all I have to say is it's your money to lose.

So that's that. Go with them New England Patriots what will leave them Baltimore Ravens holdin' the wrong end of the eatin' stick.

NFC Championship Game:

Meanwhile, over there in the NFC championship game, we got us them New York Giants vs. them San Francisco 49ers. It's them Giant's QB Eli Manning vs. them 49er's QB Alex Smith. Sure, both teams got lots of other players and coaches, too, y'all know this here is a gonna be an air war to remember. At the end of the day, I say them 49er's are a gonna ride the short bus home from the stadium. The way I see it, them Giants receivers are just gonna run wild, and them Giants pass rush will have QB Alex Smith on his toes ... and if they catch him, then also maybe with his mouth full of dirt. Folks, I don't need to spin me my little pigskin none to prognosticate that them Giants will win the Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Ok, so that them is my picks for what teams get to go head to head in the Super Bowl: Them Patriots vs. them Giants. Now y'all know that I ain't much of a gambler, but I know some of y'all are. If y'all win some of that there green, well, don't forget about me, and do the right thing by leavin' yours truly a tip, and I don't mean a stock tip! Know what I mean? I think y'all do.

All right! Now that we got that bit of business over and done with, let get on with it on account of we got us some Fins talk to digest.

Dolphins Thoughts (no bull, no tuna):

Ok, well I guess y'all know that there's lots of comin' and goin's among them NFL coaches. Here in Miami, I'm expectin' an announcement any moment on who's a gonna take the reigns of my Miami Dolphins. It surely ain't gonna be no superstar coach walkin' down that there orange carpet as owner Steve Ross promised and couldn't deliver.

But folks and Fin fans, let's be honest, whoever the new coach is, we need to get on the bandwagon, support him, root for the home team, kick ass and ... uh, in general, Go Fins! At this point I'd just like to get those dog and pony show on the road!

Who do I think them Fins management will pick? Well, I'd say whoever can land us a franchise QB. Here's my prognostications for who's goin' to the QB prom and with whom ... this ain't rocket science, folks:

It's Joe Philbin (Green Bay) what will bring us star backup QB Mat Flynn or it's Mike McCoy (Bengals) what will bring us Tim Tebow. Personally, I suspect it's gonna be McCoy on account I think Steve Ross wants to see himself prancin' down that there orange carpet with Tim genuflectin' Tebow.

As for current interim head coach Todd Bowles, well I reckon he's gonna take over for Mike Nolan as our defensive coordinator - so he don't need to bring no one to the QB prom. I wouldn't be surprised though if some other sorry team, like Oakland, snaps him up as their new head coach. He's a good man and I think he'll do a fine job wherever here goes. But I just don't think he' gotta snow ball's chance in hell of gettin' the head coach job here.

I ain't gonna say much 'bout our Dolphin's general mangler Jeff Ireland, cept' maybe he oughtsta wipe some of that there whatnot from his nose. That's right, as the sayin' goes, "my cow done up and died last night so I don’t need none of your bull". time for him to skidaddle on out of here, and that's a fact. Know what I mean? I think y'all do.

Jugmonger News:

Not much to say here folks. Things here at the Katywonkered Cafe' are still slow on account of the economic regression. I've been workin' on some of the new songs we're gettin' set to put together for the new record. My darlin' Jolene came back from a visitin' her folks. Apparently, they got them some new fangled indoor plumbin' now and done dispensed with their double decker outhouse. Yes, they surely is sittin' in some pretty high cotton way over yonder in Gulf Breeze. As Bob Dylan sang, "y'all don't know need a weatherman to tell which the wind is blowin'" up there! 

I tell y'all what, I just don't know what this old world is comin' to. Talk about goin' to hell in a hand-basket ... just like them Indianapolis Colts. But that there is another story!

All the best,
- Judd


Hey, y'all! It's been reported that there cheese-head Joe Philbin will be the new Miami Dolphins' Head Coach! Glory Be! Can I pick'em or what?

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