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Super Bowl XLV - Judd Prognosticates The Winner

Howdy Folks and Kin,

I ain't been around too much on account of I've been busy with some "production" projects, been and what not. Heck, I can be honest with y'all I done got myself lost in parkin' lot again, on an occasion or two. I've also been on a diet, but that's another story! Anyway, Super Bowl Sunday is upon is us once again. I keep gettin' email's from some of y'all what want to know what team I think is a gonna win the Pabst Blue Ribbon this time around. So I thought, fer all y'all what want to bet against me, I'd oblige with my picks.

Ok, unless any of y'all Cheese Heads or Steeler Nation types have come back from the Moon, y'all know it's them Green Bay Packers (10-6) vs. them Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4). Folks, this ain't gonna be no stinker bowl, and even the loser won't be drivin' the short bus home from the stadium. Both these teams are as tough as whit leather. They will both play hard and will be busier than a one legged man in a butt kickin' contest tryin' to win that thar Super Bowl ring.

Now, some folks say this game is all about QBs Aaron Rodger (Greenbay) vs. Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh). That's right, it's ain't about QBs Bart Starr (Green Bay) nor Terry Bradshaw (Pittsburgh). It also ain't about them old but great Dolphins' QB Dan Marino, what was born in Pittsburgh.

I reckon that if this game is to be won on offense, then here's the match up y'all been snortin' about:

Aaron Rodgers (312-475, 3922 yds, 28 tds)

What can be said about Aaron Rodgers that ain't been said before? He's been walkin' tall and steppin' out that thar long shadow what that ole' Geritol swigger, Brett Favre, left behind. So I tell y'all what, I say it's time fer that there youngin' Aaron Rodgers to take one more giant step and do what like Johnny Walker says:  "just keep on walkin'! This youngin' was voted the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Year - and y'all all know it wasn't fer deliverin' pizzas or moonshine.

Ben Roethlisberger (240-389, 3200 yds, 17 tds)

If y'all do it on the papers, I'd say Aaron Rodgers is the better QB. But then there's one things them statistics don't reflect: toughness. That thar gunslinger, Ben Roethlisberger is one tough oak barrel. So I prognosticate that if this game gets physical, he'll be able to take a few more hits than Rodgers. Heck,  even when he does get hit, he keeps that thar pigskin in action .. so that his Speedy Gonzales receivers can get open again. Yes sir, he keeps them pass defenders as busy as a cat coverin' his what not on a marble floor. Now, that's what they call his "play extendin' experience" - and that thar is an important consideration, if y'all are a wantin' to win a Super Bowl.He won't throw in that thar "Terrible Towel" for no reason.

Now, winnin' Superbowls is somethin' Roethlisberger knows about. He' a gunnin' for his 3rd, despite a year what started out with him missin' 4 games on account of he's no gentleman (translation: sexual assault allegations and what not). To achieve that, a QB need a wild streak, and Roethlisberger's got one a mile and yard long. He's as wild as a peach orchard hog and crazier than a run over dog... but he still ain't no gentleman, like yours truly. Y'all can go ahead and ask my sweety deety, Jolene, to vouch fer me on that one! 

Now don't get me wrong, I think that thar Roethlisberger is one heck of quarterback. He reminds me them old greats like John Elway, Kenny Stabler and Jim Plunkett. He also reminds me of myself, on account of, accordin' to reports from, he can drink beer and sing, too! I think QB Terry Bradshaw, what's now a butt bearin' bona fide movie star, could do that, too. So Ben is sittin' in some pretty high cotton thar. By the way, I ain't heard of "the Velvet Elvis" where Ben does his act - but anyplace named after "the King" is fine by me. Know what I mean? I think y'all do!

Gettin' Defensive

Them Steelers' got them one good defense. I don't know if it's as good as that thar Steel Curtain of the 70s what came before them. But I tell y'all what, I wouldn't want run head first into them boys ... and that's just what Aaron Rodgers is a gonna have to do! Now them Green Bay boys, well, they got themselves a mighty fine defense, too. They also got them that thar pro-bowler linebacker, Clay Mathews. Still, them Steelers got them strong safety and NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Troy Polamalu. Now. both these player are play makers, but at the end of the day, if Aaron Rodgers is pressured and hurried and all squirrely like from takin' one too many hits ... well he might just throw Troy a pick 6. And, y'all know that Polamalu knows which way the end-zone is. Don't be surprised if this game is won by some defensive scores. 

The Bottom Line: 

When I was a youngin' I admired them Packers on account of Bart Starr and Vince Lombardi. Also, I like the color green, on account of it reminds me of cash. So the bottom line folks is .... well, heck, I'd love to go with my heart and say "go with them Packers", but I'm gonna have to follow my guts and say "go with them Steelers". Their defense is as tough as Brazil nuts, their receivers can run faster than green grass goin' through a goose, and their QB is as slick as owl droppin' on a July mornin'! That's right and don't y'all know it!

Other reasons them Steelers oughtsta win:

- Them Steelers in General Lee (I mean "generally") have got them more Super Bowl experience on their staff than them Packers. It's a fact. Check them numbers.

- The Steelers have a long tradition of winnin' the big game. Them Packers won the first Super Bowl ever. That's it. Even my Miami Dolphins have won 2.

- Dolphins QB, Dan Marino, was born in Pittsburgh. That's enough said on that one.

- Heck, my Miami Dolphins beat them Packers 23-20 earlier this season! Go Fins! 

Ok, so that thar is my pick. Now I want to remind y'all if that whether y'all bet with me or against me and win big, y'all need to remember who gave you this here pick! So, use the link on the right and do right by me. And, tell all your friends and kin that Judd Jugmonger says to do the same! Happy Tail Gatin' Y'all!

All the best,
- Judd Jugmonger

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