Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wasted On The Doctors' Bill For Medical Marijuana

Howdy folks and kin! This mornin' while learnin' to chew my oatmeal and NOT drinkin' my Bailey's laced coffee due to my stomach ailments (I got me the gastritis!), I saw this here article about "weed" bein' made legal fer medical usage. Well not really, you see the story goes, accordin' to them boys at the Washington Post, that thar's these legislatin' revenuers up there in D.C., what have been busier than a one-legged man in a butt kickin' contest, writin' up a bill what would make it legal fer doctors to "recommend" some "Mary Jane" fer medicinal purposes. They could recommend it ... but not actually write no prescriptions for that thar "ganga". I had to read that thar article twice cause I couldn't make heads nor donkey tails bouts what the purposes of that thar bill was. It's a bill about a whole lotta nothin'. You see, they want to to pass a law what says it's legal fer them doctors to do what they can already do, but not do what they know they already can't do? I tell y'all what, it sounds like we got us some "potheads" as elected officials. Know what I mean? I think you do.

Now, after some thinkin' and two pushups it occurred to me that thar is somethin' what smells funny about this here bill, and you can bet it ain't no "reefer". So I said to myself, "Judd, who actually benefits from this here bill?". Well, I can tell y'all what, it's ain't them "dopers" that's fer sure, cause they still ain't got what they want and this bill ain't gonna give it to them ... or maybe they is gettin' it anyway, but it sure ain't legal and can get them in a heapin' helpin' of trouble.

So who benefits from this here bill? It sure ain't them folks what are feelin' poorly and could use a whiff of that thar "panama red", cause we all know that thar bill and a nickel still won't buy them no "texas tea". And, them poor sick folks still got to pay them doctors fer their "recommendation". Thanks fer nothin'!

The truth is that them folks what benefit are them doctors and them legislatin' revenuers, of course. I ain't figured out them doctors' angles exactly just yet, but I reckon it has something to do with gettin' them some more vistation fees and also some legal protection fer gettin' paid to endorse that thar "grass" publicly without bringin' down some heat on them. As far as them legislatin' revenuers go, well, we all know what their angles is, don't we? It's to git them votes; voter hounds of the lowest breeds is what they is. I can hear it now: "Hey all you "herbalists" and "sick folk"! Y'all wanna git high? Vote Fer Me! I gots your backs!" Folks, it sure don't take no chicken to spot a rotten egg, or to know that them legislatin' revenuers ain't got no one's backs except fer their own.

So the real question here is why are our tax dollars bein' spent on writin' bills that either (a) don't got a snowball is hell's chance of gettin' passed and (b) are obviously meant to protect some folks what already gots a lot of money and what want to git them some more? And, why are we electin' officials what want to spend our taxes on gettin' them more votes? Sounds like business as usual up thar in Washington. No wonder it takes them days fer them to respond to national disasters like oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and floods in Tennessee.

Now, thar's lots to be said about whether or not canabis should be legal for medicinal purposes or not. I says "why not" with some reservations, of course, to protect the public from misuse. There's lots a poor folks what are really sufferin' with their illnesses and what might really benefit from some that thar "Bush", and these medical and political folks are just preyin' on their miseries. That's what it is folks, plain and simple as a youngin's pimple. Just another fine example of government waste ... and heck, these legislatin' revenuers ain't even wasted!

Maybe I got it all wrong, so I'd surely be much obliged if someone can explain this all to me. Any undertakers? Here's the link to the article I mentioned above:

All the best, - Judd Jugmonger

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