Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our New Song On MySpace: At The Jobline

Howdy Y'all!

We done put us up a new song what's called "At The Jobline", on our MySpace profile. Y'all can give it a lesson by goin' on our profile. Here's the link:

It's one from our upcomin' "Jugmongers: Live At The Hootenanny" record ... if it ever gets done, that is what with this economic regression and all. And, if any of y'all are ailin' from this here blasted economic crisis, then give it a listen and do some commiseratin with us, cause misery loves company!

And, it seems we put it up just in time fer "Jefferson-Jackson Day", too! What a hoot! Celebrate accordingly.... donations accepted, as always.

Now, if y'all are Democrats then "Jefferson-Jackson" Day is a day when y'all can do some fancy eatin' with your party... of course if y'all are Republicans, then you can do the same on "Lincoln-Reagan" Day. If y'all are Libertarians ... well I don't rightly know what y'all outghts do. Sorry. But, if y'all are like me, you can do your fancy eatin' on any ole' day, 24/7 ... and you can take that to the bank (if your local one ain't been shuttered yet, that is)!

All the best,

- Judd Jugmonger :)

PS. Jolene, says "Hey", too.

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