Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our New Song On MySpace: At The Jobline

Howdy Y'all!

We done put us up a new song what's called "At The Jobline", on our MySpace profile. Y'all can give it a lesson by goin' on our profile. Here's the link:

It's one from our upcomin' "Jugmongers: Live At The Hootenanny" record ... if it ever gets done, that is what with this economic regression and all. And, if any of y'all are ailin' from this here blasted economic crisis, then give it a listen and do some commiseratin with us, cause misery loves company!

And, it seems we put it up just in time fer "Jefferson-Jackson Day", too! What a hoot! Celebrate accordingly.... donations accepted, as always.

Now, if y'all are Democrats then "Jefferson-Jackson" Day is a day when y'all can do some fancy eatin' with your party... of course if y'all are Republicans, then you can do the same on "Lincoln-Reagan" Day. If y'all are Libertarians ... well I don't rightly know what y'all outghts do. Sorry. But, if y'all are like me, you can do your fancy eatin' on any ole' day, 24/7 ... and you can take that to the bank (if your local one ain't been shuttered yet, that is)!

All the best,

- Judd Jugmonger :)

PS. Jolene, says "Hey", too.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't Throw Watermelons At Dan Rather

Howdy Good Folks and Kin,

I need to git political here fer a spell. This mornin' while drinkin' my cup a Joe, I came across this here article about a lots folks what got all riled up at Dan Rather cause he used the word watermelon, even though he did so in a non-offensive way. Here's the link for the article:

So I wrote a comment to thar thar article, but them Huffington Post folks got all "Huffy" cause it wasn't no 250 words. I posted a smaller comment, but thought I would post my FULL comment here, for all a y'all what like to read what I think (Lord help you!). So here it is:

Howdy Y'all!

I tell you what, it's my opinion that Dan Rather is a fine American and character of good repute, who like most is doin' the best he can... especially as he's gettin' on in years and got his "legacy" to consider. He ain't on CBS no more, so folks ferget his contributions and the fine journalistic work he's done over the years. Now, some youngins or distant folk might not know him fer Walter Cronkite or even Chevy Chase. He's been the target of all sorts a evil doin' folks what want to do him wrong fer his investigations into their "what not", and I reckon that it's these folks what still want to throw stones when he walks by.

No one knows, in the hearts and minds of all men, who is racist and who ain't. Now, maybe that's a scary thing to some folks, but that's just how it is. BUT, thar's lots a folk, mean folk, what sure likes to label this one and label that one, and nit pick your words apart. I'm sure some a y'all you know the type... you see them hidin' behind fake names on online forums or yellin' out from the midst of politically charged crowds under the cover of those what are taller then they is.

Anyways, I reckon that most problems with society stem from these "labelin' types. It's these sorts a folks what want to tell everybody what you is and you ain't and "what's yours and what's mine and what ain't yours is mine"... and, well... these are the same folks what got their noses in everybody's business and up some folks backdoors... sort of like them IRS revenuers! Why, as soon as we all is born, them labellers have started the paperwork on what we is: sex, ethincity, nationality, religion, family name, birthmarks, girth, etc.... all goes on the birth certificates and some other papers, too, and all without our sayin' not even one word ... not even watermelon.

Anyways, the point is it's time we all need to stop labellin' and just start acceptin' folks fer who they is and not fer what they ain't by virtues of the facts that we have taken the time to git to know each other.... before we start shootin' our mouths and other's butts off. It's time we embraced one another and think twice before judgin' some books fer their covers ... and people, too! Ain't y'all never seen thar thar film the "Breakfast Club"? It's short on grits and hashbrowns, but long on the importance of gettin' to know folk before we start to label em'. Heck, even in them biblical times, them folks said "Love thy neighbor as thyself". I reckon that means y'all oughts to git to know otehr folks fer a spell, and think twice before y'all start shootin your mouths and their butts off!

So, what does the "Breakfast Club" gots to do with Dan Rather? Well, I suspect that most folk with Twitter are youngins' or rabblerousers what don't know "Adam from Eve" but lots about codin' and "PCS" (not just "Personal Computers" but also "Polical Correctedness")... they might know somethin' or other about "Kenneth" and the "Frequency" cause they seen it on the Wikipedia or heard it in a song ... cept' they don't know much know much about folks other than what they read on TMZ. Maybe they git Dan Rather confused with Charlaton Heston or Michael Tyler Moore. Maybe they is nervous cause Dan can be seen in a few photos wearin' them big huntin' vests with them bigger pockets. I aint sure. See, these folks love their "flame wars" ... and the hotter the better. They love watchin' goats frothin' in the pepper patch! Know what I mean? I think you do.

This all smacks a that thar "Polital Correctedness" bunch. You know, them stone throwers ... and brothers and sisters, freinds and kin, beware of them stone throwers! They is sort a like some a them older folks what like to write "Letters to the Editor" of newspaper about articles they aint' even half read and like to sign their names "anonymous". They is a nervous bunch but still want their soapbox, or matchbox in some cases, to speak out or act above their raisin' and exercise their "rights to speak"... even though no one particularly asked fer their opinions.... but that's ok, cause we all is Americans and we all got a right to talk, just like everybody else does the same. Now, maybe these folks want to start a campaign to git ole' Mr. Webster to take "Watermelon" out of the dictionary without considerin' that context matters too, ... well, fer some words that is, other words maybe not.

I ain't sure about lots a stuff these days, but what I do know is that knee jerkin' reactions to a few words on the twitter screen ... ain't gonna do much fer no one cept' git everyone all riled up about nothing.... but see, maybe that's what them labeller's want. Shoot first and ask questions later... ain't that it what it's all about, good folks? I think we all heard them ideas before some time ago, ain't we?

Now, maybe I'm just a foolish bumpkin what also like to talk, or maybe I just enjoy my poetical license ... but I know fer sure that bein' sensitive ain't the same thing as throwin' stones. I don't know Dan Rather personally, but I seen the news over the years, and do know his long body of work. And so I choose to judge him by what I know ... and not by his choice of a single word reflectin' a food of the fruity variety and in a non-offensive context.

For all y'all what need a conclusion or a moral to this here yarn ... well here it is: Some words are like frog hairs what can be split four ways. But a frog what ain't got not hair is accepted anyway.

All the best,
- Judd Jugmonger