Friday, October 16, 2009

Judd Jugmonger's NFL Picks - Week 6

Well howdy folks! I've updated my podcast fer my picks fer week 6 of the NFL. I'm postin' the transcript below fer y'all what don't like listenin' to muh voice! Enjoy!

This here is Judd Jugmonger, once again live from the Katywonkered Cafe' - and this here is muh picks fer Week 6 of the NFL, that thar's the National Football League. Where them perfessional players are as big as an icebox - whereas some them amatuer players cain't afford an ice box. Now last week, I picked 9 of them games again. Yes sir - that thar was good! So let's get on it!

All right first up we got us them Redskins vs. them Chiefs. That thar is a regular pow wow. But I it's gonna be them Redskins that are gonna be beatin' the war drums on them Chiefs hides. The Chief should run fer the hills ... but the truth be known .. it don't look like the Chief's an run .... nor can they stop the run.

Next is them Browns and them Steelers. Looks like theirs gonna be lots stealin' goin' ... cause them brown receivers can't seem to hold on to the ball much! Now folks it ain't a wild hog its just a little pigskin. If y'all are a gonna drop the ball so much - well ya might as well just drop your pants and git.

Ok, it's them Giants and them Saints. I tell you what, them Giants ran fer like two hundered and twenty yards last week .... and oh yeah they got them Eli Manning too! Cain St. Drew Brees perform a miracle in Giant's Stadium? I reckon not. If y'all are Saints fans ... well, I'd startin' prayin' early on on Friday.

Next is them Arizoney Cardinals vs. them Seattle Seahawks. Matt Hasslebeck is back ... say that 5 times I dare you. He likes to throw ball lots. And, well ... them Cardinals sure seem to like them opposing quarterback to throw ball a lot. So reckon we know where this here game in a gonna end up. Kurt Warner, you say? Yep her sure like to throw ball lots too ... but as they say across the pond ... it will be all fer naught.

All right . Now we got us them Panthers vs. them Buccaneers. Tampa Bay is O and 5. This here game ought to be called the "Slippery Sloppy Bowl" cause I prognosticate there's gonna a be lots a balls a slippin' and a slidin' away from both teams. It shivers me timbers to say it ... if folks, but I don't think them Bucaroos is a gonna be very Jolly Rogers like again this week. Sorry boys.

Now, them Lions go up against them boys from Green Bay. The Lions are 1 and 4. But you know, they say even a blind hog can find it an acorn ever now and then. And I tell you what I think Gang Green Green is gonna be a just that this week. Gang green.

Ok, it's them Baltimore Raves vs. Minnesota Vikings. Joe Flacco vs. Burt Favre. Hmmm ... now some folks say the Vikings, at 5 and 0, are goin' to the super bowl this year. Well, I think Joe Flacco is gonna give them purple boys a bit of a speed bump this week and the wrong end of the stick, if you know what I mean. I think you do.

All right it's them Jaguars vs. them Rams. Now I tell you what, Cousin Jedidiah said that I've been mighty hard on them Rams of late... and I reckon he's right. But I tell you what .. it ain't gonna be me eatin' the crow the week ... it's gonna be them Rams again. O and 6 is a callin' and it ain't fer them Jaguars. Poor Rams.

Now we got us them Eagles vs. them Raiders. Heck, thar ain't no raisin' sand over this one - what with the Raiders feelin' poorly and all. Take the Eagles, hoss!

Them Bengals boys have won their last four games. Glory be. I tell you what ... I betcha they don't make it to 5 straight. Now, Carson Palmer has been a runnin' and a runnin' all over that thar pocket... and some folks think that thar's a good thang! If an iut were me I'd be might tired what with all that scramblin' around. It also seems to me that them Texans have had their time in the wood shed - so I think this here's the week that they put that thar Palmer outta his misery.

Now last week my Dolphin's made ole' Rex Ryan and his Jets look like bumps on a log at the end that thar game last week. Well done boys - y'all made me proud - and I'm gonna miss y'all this bye week . But ... mean while them Jet's go after them Bills this week. Someone's a gonna pay ... and it looks like them Bills ... well they just ain't got no credit. And the next comin' of Broadway Joe? Well, I think he'll be smilin' purty fer the cameras come Monday.

All right, it's them Tennessee Titans vs. them New England Patriots. Now I hear that thar Tom Brady is still mighty sore after last week's losin'. I seen Tom Brady when he's angry ... and I do declare that he's gonna go a hog wild on them Texans ... who'll be takin' the short bus home from the stadium.

Ok, we got us them Bears vs them Falcons. Both teams are 3 and 1 and ... well I tell you what, I had to give my little pigskin a spin on this one ... and it pointed to them Falcons. I think this here game is more important to them Falcons than it is them Bears. Them Falcons can catch them Saints ,,,,, there ain't no way them Bear is a gonna catch them Vikings .. no way no how.

All right! It's Monday Night Football - and it's them Chargers vs. them Broncos. You know, my sweety deety Jolene says that "the Sun don't shine on the same dog's tail all the time". She thinks them Broncos at 5 and 0 are due fer a spill. Can the Chargers git charged up to give it to 'em? I reckon not ... but I think them Broncos are gonna shoot themselves in the foots this week, some how.

All right! That's it's fer me folks. That thar is muh picks - now, I tell you what, if you like them buffalo wings half as much as I do then you'll understand that I just know that all you kindly folks out thar who'll be winnin' big with my picks what I just gave to you, well y'all are a gonna want to send me some a your winnin's thar. And I and my kin will thank you to do so. So git ahead on over to - that's Jugmongers with a "J" - and see how y'all can set me up with some buffalo wings fer the week!

This here is Judd Jugmonger signin' off with some words of wisdom ... Be happy with what y'all got until y'all git what y;all want.

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