Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Judd Jugmongers NFL Picks - Week 5

Howdy folks! I got me my podcast what have my picks fer week 5 of the NFL up on I-Tunes now! You can also hear them by click on the left side of this here page. So, here is the transcripts fer this weeks poscast... in case y'all have a problem with the RSS feed .... sounds like horse feed. Hope you enjoy 'em! If y'all want to listen to the podcast and read along ... if you need the pratice readin' that is.

Well howdy folks! This here is Judd Jugmonger, once again live from the Katywonkered Cafe' - and this here is muh picks fer Week 5 of the NFL, that thar's the National Football League. Where them big boys play in the Good Ole USA ... and they don't wear little shorts neither... Now last week, I picked 9 correctly of them games. Yes sir - that thar was good!

Ok, first up we got them Cowboys and them Cheifs .... that's thar's a regular game a cowboys and injuns. Well, it looks like Tony Romo and company are a gonna do what Eli Manning and company did to them Cheif's last week. That's right. Cheifs take the short bus home from the stadium once again.

Next up is them Vikings and them Rams. I tell you what, I feel sorry fer them Rams, cause I think Bert Favre is a gonna take a few nips of that thar special "Geritol" he got himself thar and git his team all fired up again - just like he done last week against his old team in Green Bay. Poor Rams.

All right. It's the Browns vs. the Bills. Now, both a them teams found themselves down in the dumps last week. So, who's a gonna win the battle of the losers this week? Well, I think the Bills are fairly ornery what with the tar and featherin' they got down in Miami. At O and 4 the Browns just cain't git out a the dog-house ... or the outhouse ... or wherever it is they is.

Ok, Them Steelers vs. them Lions. Now I was wrong about them Steelers last week gitin' zapped and all. I admit it. But this week ... I just think them Lions is gonna git back some of their growl. Go with Detroit!

Hey, y'all ever hear of a "New York Cheer"? Well, that what them Raiders are a gonna be hearin' a ringing in their heads this Sunday... and probably all next week .. even though Eli Mannin' seems to be hobblin' about on one foot.

All right. now it's them Bucanneers and them Eagles. Them boys from Tampa Bay have been sleepin' with the fishes the past few weeks. Now I think they is a startin' to wake up ... but first they gotsta find their way outta Davy Jones Locker... cause them Eagles have flown off with the key. Take the Eagles "hoss".

Now it's the Redskins and the Panthers. Nothin' could be finer than be to be in Caroliner .... and don't the Panthers know it! Them Redskins won't know what hit 'em.

Bengals Vs. them Ravens. Both teams are 3 and 1. Looks like them Balitmore fellers might have a field day with them Bengals. Joe Flacco is a gonna go whacko on them Bengals. Yep, you heard it here, boys.

Ok, it's them Falcons vs. them 49ers. Now this one was a mighty hard one fer me to pick. So I just spun me my little pigskin here... and it pointed to them Falcolns. I cain't not disagree. It's gonna be a close one, though.

All right. Now we gotta a battle betwixt them 1 and 2 Cardinals and them 2 and 2 Texans ... a 1 a 2 a 1 2 3 5 ... oops that don't add up ... and neither does Arizoney's running game. Sorry boys.

Ok, it's them Jaguars vs them Seahawks. Them kitties from J-A-X proved me wrong last week. So I'm a gonna go with them ... especially how them Seatle boys are still feelin' poorly.

Ok, Tom Brady and his Patriots roll into Denver this week and face them 4-0 Broncos. The Broncos are 4 and 0? Imagine that! Well I don't reckon they is a gonna make it 5 and 0. And I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that one, neither.

Now it's them Colts vs. them Titans. Peyton Mannin' and the Colts are a sittin pretty at the top o' the four corners of the world .... looks like them Titans are still sittin' in the outhouse, though. Will thar be a big upset this week? I reckon not.

All right MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL and the game of the week. It's them Jets and them Dolphins. I think the next comin' a "Broadway Joe" got rattled last week... and my Fins ... well they done me proud. Lets make it 2 in a row boys ... keep that runnin' game goin'. Oh .. and Mark Sanchez? Well I think he's a gonna need a powder again this week.

That's it's fer me folks. That thar is muh opicks! Now, I tell you what, fer all a y'all that win big on muh "insights" - well - go ahead and send me some a your winins ... If and you do ... I do you some BBQ ribs with all the fixin's ...heck, I'll even throw in a beer. I promise. Go to - that's jugmongers with a "J" - and see how you can send me some money fer that thar BBQ. I thank you kindly.

All right. This here is Judd Jugmonger signin' off with some words of wisdom ... when in doubt ... go fer the endzone.

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