Sunday, October 4, 2009

Judd Jugmongers NFL Picks - Week 4

Howdy Folks,

This here is Judd Jugmonger. Guess what? Some kin suggested that I do a podcast with my weekly picks fer the NFL - that thar's American Football for those a you not here in the good ole' USA. Ya see, ever week I go down to the Katywonkered Cafe' and have some key lime pie and what not ... and give my picks to all that's thar. So we decided to record my picks and put them up in the Internet. I'm workin' to git the podcast up on the Internet - but in the meantime here is my Week 4 picks what I said in my podcast. I reckon you'd a call this a transcript. Ok ... here it goes .... close you eyes and pertend y'all can hear me a talkin' .....

Howdy! This here is Judd Jugmonger and I'm live from the Katywonkered Cafe' - and this here is my picks for the NFL, that thar's the National Football League - thar ain't no soccer thar ... just good ole' American passin' and handin' off the pigskin fer a touchdown.

So this here is a week 4. And here we go...

Ok - We got us the Ravens Vs. the Patriots. Looks like them Pats is a gonna have them a feast today - but it ain't gonna be crow ... them Ravens is on the menu - the way I see it.

All right now the Redskins, well they play them thar Buccaneers. I tell you what... someone is a gonna get scalped ... so thar ain't gonna be no "yo ho ho" in Tampa today.

Ok - Now we got us the Titans from Tennessee vs. them Jaguars from Jacksonville... now you know I like them Florida teams ... but I tell you what ... them kitties are a gonna git themselves squashed in a Bluegrass Stomp care a the good ole' boys from a Tennessee.

Next up is them Raiders from Oakland vs. them Texans from Houston - Now the way I see it is that the only raidin' them raiders are gonna do is the icebox fer some comfort food... when the Texans make road kill outta them.

Ok - The Bears vs. The Lions .. who's a gonna be the king a the jungle this week? Well them thar Lions are gonna have to do them some learnin' to "Grin and Bear it" cause I think them boys from Chicago are a gonna show em' their bear claws. Look out ...

All right now we got us some Ohio boys -but it ain't the Buckeyes ... it's them Bengals from Cincinnati and them Browns from Cleveland... I tell you what we is a gonna see a lot brown tonight cause them Bengals are fixin' to kick them some Cleveland butt.

Ok, who's next - bring em on... let's see we got us here ... the Giants vs. the Chiefs... Looks like the Chiefs will be ridin' the short bus home from the stadium... Eli Manning and Co. is gonna spring for the gas - I hear.

All right - now we got us the Jets Vs. the Saints. Mark Sanchez... well that thar pretty boy is doin' a bang up job up North thar. But some folks think the Saints are gonna make em' pray ... but I tell you what I think them Jets are gonna send them Saints back to seminary school.

All right - game of the week - them Fins vs. the Bills. Now y'all know I'm a big Miami fan form way back and them fish a gonna start them a new QB tonight what's name is Chad Henne .... not Penny. Now even though them Dolphins are down by three ... I think there's gonna be a resurrections this week. Now Buffalo' a playin' good these days .... but they is a gonna be fish food tonight. If and they don't ... well someone here's a gonna pitch a fit.

That's right - you heard it here first.

Ok - it's the Cowboys and the Broncos who are unbeaten ... well not for long that is.

All right - next up is the Rams vs. the 49s - Them boys from St. Louis ain't won a game yet ... I reckon it's gonna stay that way this week too. Poor rams....

Now it's the Chargers vs. them Steelers.... I think the Steelers are gonna git zapped ... it's gonna be a close one though....

Finally Monday Night Football - Them Packers vs. them Vikings... good game .... break out the beer cause Burt Favre ... gonna send his old team Packin'...

Well that's a bout it ... that thar is muh picks - now if and some a y'all are the bettin' kind and ya'll win some Liquor money ... well, I hope y'all be kind enough to share some with me - especially how I gave y'all them picks here. So send me your money - go to and see how you can send me some money fer some beer or what not. I thank you kindly.

All right. This here is Judd Jugmonger signin' off with some of advice ...remember - everyday above ground .... is a good one.

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