Monday, September 14, 2009

Healthcare and Our New Song on MySpace: Ya Can't Put That On A Stick

Howdy Folks! (Yes, and you kinfolk, too!)

We is a thrilled as a hog in slop. We got us a new song up on the MySpace! It's "Ya Can't Put That On Stick" from our forthcomin' "Jugmongers: Live at the Hootenanny" tapes! That thar is the song we sang a bit a on our video "Cookin' With The Jugmongers".

Now, we're still a workin' as a hard as we can on makin' this here record. Of course, there is recession on and we still need some money ... cause uh .. we are mighty nervous about the healthcare debate and other stuff.

Seems like lots a folk these days are concerned , too - what with this one revenuer a callin' the persident a liar and some such foolishness. Now, yes I seen that thar fellow and lots a his friends sittin' in that thar meetin' lookin' all pruney faced and like they had just sucked on a sour toad or somethin'. Meanwhile there was these other folk a jumpin up and down about the President Obama's talk. Now, I reckon I'd rather be jumpin up and down than sittin like bump on a log anyday, especially when it's football season again! So I guess that puts me in that thar happy camp.

So if and y'all gots your knickers in a twist over the healthcare debate, go on a give our song a listen - it's free! Have a beer, too - and it will be just like your own personal healthcare package.

Here's the link:

All the best,
- Judd Jugmonger