Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Judd Jugmonger's "I want to make BIG MONEY now!" plan.

Howdy Folks! This here is Judd Jugmonger again. You know, I've been tryin' to figures out when this here recession is a gonna end. But you see, I reckon that there's lots folks who ain't takin' this sittin' down so they's have a come up with some ideals to get them some BIG CASH. Now, most of these idears requires you to set up a PAYPAL account, write an email talkin' about how much money "you is a gonna make" and then throw in the words "as seen on OPRAH" alot. Then, what y'all have to do is SEND some money to some people on an email list (1$ each to 6 people - that's a $6 for those of you who are math challenged), and then send the email to all your kin and friends tellin' them how to do it ... how to make the BIG MONEY ... by sendin' money to others. Oh, and then your supposed to put your names at the top of the emails so that all your kin and friends will send their cash to you.... if''in that is they don't KILL you first.

Now seein' as I'm a feller who likes to share good info with his kin and freinds, I thought I might let y'all in on the fact that, see, these idears are SCAMS. There ain't no way to turn $6 into $24600 simply by sendin' $6 to 6 strangers. And, if you think that I as your friend am a gonna send you even a 1$ on this foolishness then you are nuttier than a Snickers bar. It's no wonder you probably rode in to school on the short bus.

Now, that bein' said ... if you want to make some REAL BIG MONEY without pissin' off yer kinfolk and friends. Do this:

1) Go to the website:
2) Click on the link that says: Judd Jugmonger's "I want to make BIG MONEY now!" plan.
3) Go ahead and buy an autograhped Jugmonger's T-Shirt fer $15.
4) I will send you one of ours T-Shirts and $1.
5) When you receive the T-Shirt, go ahead and sell it fer $25!

If y'all were followin' the math here then that means you will earn $11! Wow! Just like that.

6) To make the BIG MONEY, repeat the above steps a hundered times. In no time at all you will make $1100! Now, I reckon that you can do this about 50 times a month - so that's a $55,000 - and seein' as there are 12 months a year that comes to a whoppin' $660,000. That's like more than half a million dollars! You just can't beat that with a whoopin' stick!

7) (Optional) Share your good fortune. Copy the above steps word fer word into an e-mail and send it to all yer kin and pals. Don't forget to put in the fact that you like to watch "Oprah" a lot ... that's "Oprah" NOT "Opry". Those of you who know the difference between a radio and a TV oughtsta know that!

Well that's about it! I hope y'all fare well with this here plan. And now some words of inspiration: "Life ain't worth living, if you ain't living." - I said that.

Catch you on the flip flop,
- Judd Jugmonger

PS. If any of y'all see cousin Jed, tell him to git on home. We're hungry.

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