Thursday, March 26, 2009

Howdy folks, this here is Judd Jugmonger of the Jugmongers again. Just thought I'd let you all take a gander at our last video what we did bout my economic stimulus plan. Here it is:

Times are hard! Seem I reads somewhere this mornin' that over there in Europe they got their britches all in a twist 'bout our government's plan to spend hunderds of billions of dollars to revive its economy. Meanwhile, over here in the US the governments scroungin' about lookin' to get back that BIG money what they gave to "AIG" and what they then gave away as a bonuses to people who don't even work there no more. Boy, it's makes me madder than hell to see them slick suit wearin bankers think they can ask fer a handout from the government and then fly off in their lear jets and what not and spend the cash on themselves and their freinds. Some good ole boys oughsta catch up with them katty-wonkered folks and open up a can a' whoopass on 'em.

If AIG were so intersted in savin' their big company, they shoulda tried my "I want to make big money" now plan - what it shows in the video above.

Well, that's it fer now. Hope y'all are doin' the best ya can.

- Judd Jugmonger

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